2 volunteers needed to volunteer with middle school students in a real courtroom!

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  • New opportunity to help middle school students put on a mock trial!

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    11:30 AM - 01:00 PM

    I am looking for 2 volunteers to help with this field trip. We will be working on the Commonwealth vs. Joe A. Criminal Case activity. Please find the Supplemental Volunteer Guide here

    ABOUT THE FIELD TRIP: 8th grade students from Lyndon K-8 Middle School in Boston will be visiting the Moakley to participate in a mock trial activity. All year long, classrooms have engaged in our Children Discovering Justice curriculum and now they will have the chance to use what they've learned and apply it in the courtroom. Students will play all the parts (judge, jury, attorney, clerk, and witness) to put Joe A. on trial for the alleged theft of their classmate's sneakers.

    YOUR ROLE AS A VOLUNTEER: Team up with students representing the Prosecution or the Defense and help them craft their case. Students will have been working with similar facts throughout the school year and it will be your job to keep them on task. After reviewing the facts and the charges, students will be assigned roles at random. You will spend the next 15-20 minutes helping them think critically about their side of the case and put together strong arguments that support their side. 

    Questions? Contact Johnny Sadoof, Senior Program Associate, at 617-748-9639 or volunteer@discoveringjustice.org.

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    1 Courthouse Way, Ste 3120 Boston, MA, United States

    Volunteers needed: 3

    Event Requirements:

    Over 18

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