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Discovering the Bill of Rights - Middle School Field Trip - 3 Volunteers Needed

Discovering Justice

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  • 3 Volunteer Attorney or law students needed to volunteer with middle school students in a real courtroom!

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    10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

    8th-grade students from Stoneham Middle High School are coming to the courthouse to experience our Discovering the Bill of Rights field trip and learn about their rights as public school students! 

    I am looking for 3 volunteer attorneys or law students to help facilitate this field trip. We will be working on the 4th Amendment T.L.O. activity. Please find the Volunteer Guide here


    Your Role As A VolunteerA Discovering Justice staff person takes students on a brief tour of the courthouse ending in a courtroom, where you will meet them. Once in the courtroom, students participate in a simulation which introduces them to the facts of the case. You will provide a foundation for the activity by reviewing the Bill of Rights. Students receive workbooks containing the text of the relevant Amendment, the facts of the case, and guiding questions to help teams develop their arguments. You will then lead the students through a close reading of the First Amendment. A DJ staff member divides the students into legal teams, each team representing one of the parties in the selected case.  Students spend the next 20-25 minutes developing arguments to deliver before the mock Supreme Court. You preside over these arguments (as the mock Supreme Court) and asks students questions to help clarify their thinking. Time is left at the end for student questions and conversation with the you.

    Interested new volunteers are welcome to observe this field trip! For more information please reach out to Johnny Sadoff  at 617-748-9639 or volunteer@discoveringjustice.org.

    1 Courthouse Way, Ste 3120 Boston, MA, United States

    Volunteers needed: 1

    Event Requirements:

    Over 18

    Volunteer must be a law student or an attorney!

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