Confronting Discrimination on Race, Racism, and Police Violence: Understanding Civil Rights

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  • Join us as we begin the new year with an imperative discussion on the topic of Race,Racism, and Police Violence: Understanding Civil Rights

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    03:30 PM - 04:45 PM

    Join us while we take an in depth look at the connections between race, racism, and police violence. We will discuss what civil rights are, how we can use them, and what that means for the bigger picture.

    And of course, pizza will be served! 

    The Confronting Discrimination Committee meets every second Wednesday of every month. The group's mission is to fight inequality and prevent discrimination that is gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, race, class, or religion based. The group is comprised of community leaders as well as Fall River youth. The aim of the discussion is to proactively prevent hatred and to respect diversity, fighting against bias.

    803 Bedford Street, Fall River, MA, USA

    Volunteers needed: 12

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