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Dining Room Attendants

Arlington EATS (Formerly known a...

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  • Gallagher

  • Summer Lunch Dining Room Attendants

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    11:30 AM - 01:30 PM

    Volunteers signed up as dining room attendants have a very important role. They are the face and personality of the dining room. Pleasant greetings, communicating a sense of connection and welcome through good eye contact and friendliness, as well as looking for ways to be helpful all help to create a good vibe. The look and feel of the dining room is also elemental to the meal. Dining room attendants lay out baskets of utensils and napkins at each table. They set up the beverage center and fill cups ahead of the arrival of guests so things are ready to go right at the onset of the meal. Attendants also refill beverages as needed, take care of trash, attend to spills and sweep. Aprons will be provided.

    187 Everett Street, Arlington, MA, USA


    Volunteers needed: 2

    Event Requirements:

    Must be at least age 10 to volunteer. Students under high school age must be accompanied by an adult.

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